India, 2018

Nov 16     Arrive Nagpur  

Nov 17     Clinic in Nagpur 

                 Drive to Chikhaldara

Nov 18     Clinic in Chikhaldara

Nov 19     Clinic in Chikhaldara

                 Return to Nagpur after clinic

Nov 20     Clinic in Nagpur  

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Optional cultural experiences while in this part of the world...

A.  Bhutan  - November 10-16.... arriving in Nagpur on the 16th

B.  Golden Triangle - Nov 20- 24

C. Golden Triangle - Nov 12-16

For Pre/Post trips please contact Terri at Spears Travel 918-254-1608


India Overview

December 2015 saw an initial global outreach trip including a needs assessment in Nagpur, India.  Our trips have consisted of medical clinics serving those with limited access to healthcare due to poverty as well as relationship building with local physicians and medical schools. 


Build relationships with the community of Nagpur

Provide competent, appropriate medical care to an extremely underserved population

Supply much needed medications and supplies during this outreach program

To serve as educational resources to the local physicians, dentists, and healthcare providers

Partner with local healthcare providers to better understand the needs and culturally appropriate care of this population

Request referrals to the local healthcare system for services beyond those we are able to provide

Offer safe learning environment for medical students, other healthcare personnel, and ancillary team members

Allow learning experiences for medical students and other healthcare students

Give intensive training of students in the art of medicine without the use of lab, x-rays, and other technology.  Students are encouraged to use their minds and hands to evaluate and treat patients

Furnish opportunities to learn about a different culture and global issues encountered.

Trip Details

No trip planned at this time.  

Previous trips:

  • We stay in a moderate hotel in Nagpur
  • In the community locations we provide acute care and help our partner organizations identify problems that can be cared for at a later time. Dental fluoride, silver diamine cavity arresting, reading glasses are also provided.  
  • Five clinic days are typically arranged plus visits to local medical and traditional medical facilities are planned
  • Typical costs of this trip are $1300 plus airfare to Nagpur.  Single supplements are usually available at an additional cost.
  • An optional 2 day post-trip safari or 3 day Golden Triangle trip is possible at an additional cost.    
  • Group size is 20


You must apply for a visa prior to the trip.  The application is completed online.  Your passport must be valid for at least 6 months after arriving into India.  


Hepatitis A (2 doses)

Typhoid (oral or injection)

Hepatitis B  (3 doses)  

Polio (one time booster as adult)

Measles,Mumps,Rubella (MMR)  Two doses if born after 1956

Tdap (tetanus, diphtheria, pertussis)  Every 10 years 

Malaria prophylaxis

Malaria prophylaxis is recommended by the CDC.  For more information then add the destination of India and you will be advised of all health related topics.