We are very excited to begin our journey with partners in Ukraine.  We will be partnering with Tim Case International Ministries and the Barnabas Foundation.  We will be working in two villages outside of Kiev as well as with the refugees from Eastern Ukraine who have been displaced by the conflicts in that area.  We will stay at a moderate hotel in Kiev, Bratislava Hotel.   The land package is $1300 which includes intra-country transportation, lodging, most meals, security, medications and supplies. Also planned for us is a trip to the site of the nuclear reactor disaster - Chernobyl.  Our host organization is very excited for our team to come.  Plans also are for medical students from one of the Ukrainian medical schools to help with interpretation and to educate us about their healthcare delivery.  We will also be providing reading glasses - a very much appreciated service to elders.  

We will plan to arrive any time on the 9th and leave any time on the 17.  If you need to deviate from these times, please contact barbara@powerofanickel.org in order that we can make appropriate arrangements. 

The tentative schedule is:

Arrival Saturday June 9.  Transfer to Hotel Bratislava.  

If all have arrived by 7pm, we will have an orientation meeting with our hosts.  If not, we will have the meeting at 8:00am on Sunday, June 10.

Sunday June 10 - The village of Vasilkov (Kiev Region) - General clinic

Monday June 11 - Return to Vasikov

Tuesday June 12 -  The village of Kagarlyk (Kiev Region) - General clinic

Wednesday June 13 - Return to Kagarlyk

Thursday June 14 - Clinic at or hosts  main complex in Kiev (near our hotel). Here we will be treating the refugees from Eastern Ukraine

Friday, June 15 - Cultural day - Touring Chernobyl and surrounds

Saturday, June 16  Cultural day - Sites around Kiev and tour of Yanukovych's Palace of Corruption  -  Followed by a "good bye" Ukranian Cultural Dinner

Sunday, June 17 - return to US