The Power of a Nickel is partnering with the Maya Environmental Education and Research Center, Rotary of Playa del Carmen, The West Virginia School of Osteopathic Medicine, and Medical Missions and Imaging to provide healthcare, education, and life skills for the underserved people in the villages of Tulum and Coba. Returning again to this area, this represents the fourth medical brigade since 2017.

The Maya peoples live in small, extremely poor communities. They maintain the lifestyle, language, and culture of their ancestors. Some of the locals are bilingual, having learned Spanish to enable communication with the other inhabitants of the area. It is not uncommon, however, to find a village where only Maya is spoken.


The goals of Global Medical Outreach to the Mayan villages include:

  • Build lasting relationships with the villages
  • Fulfill requests by community leadership for specific needs of identified individuals
  • Provide competent, appropriate medical care to an extremely underserved population
  • Facilitate educational opportunities for the community
  • Partner with local physicians and department of public health to better understand the local needs in a culturally appropriate fashion
  • Welcome the local physicians and medical students to our brigade for mutual learning
  • Request and facilitate referrals provided within the local Mexican healthcare system
  • Arrange follow up for identified healthcare concerns
  • Supply much needed medications and supplies for the community healthcare team remaining at completion of our brigade
  • Offer a safe learning environment for medical students and residents, other healthcare personnel, and ancillary team members
  • Provide intensive training for students in the art of medicine, with technology limited by the local standards
  • Facilitate opportunities to experience different cultures and global health issues