1. Join a Trip application completed on the Power of a Nickel website.
  2. Deposit of $206 made on the Power of a Nickel website.
  3. Air flights booked - flight itinerary sent to JustHope - www.justhope.org
  4. If spending night before (Friday) at Best Western, make your reservation with Best Western Mercedes in Managua, Nicaragua 
  5. Send copy of evacuation insurance to Just Hope - www.justhope.org
  6. Send copy of your passport to JustHope - www.justhope.org
  7. Send a  “selfie” picture (or any other picture) to [email protected]
  8. Send all credentialing information to Just Hope  www.justhope.org  Necessary documents are noted below. 

In addition to the above steps.. below you will find other required documents based on your position on the team.... 

Physician / Dentist/NP/PA/other licensed health care providers

  1. Notarized ONE PAGE abbreviated CV – with signature on page
  2. Notarized Very CLEAR copy of medical/dental school/nursing/PA/other/ diploma – with signature on page
  3. Notarized Copy of state licensure with expiration date – with signature on page

Medical Students

  1. One page CV and "selfie" to [email protected]


  1. You got lucky… no extra credentialing information needed - just send a selfie or fun picture to [email protected]

Final Payment

  1. Final payment due 60 days prior to departure.  JustHope will send you exact date of final payment due.  That payment should be sent to JustHope.