Upcoming Trips                

  • India - Tentative the week after Thanksgiving.   Partnering with Rotary Club of Nagpur.  
  • Uganda -  Tentatively March, 2018.  Partnering with, Blessings of Joy, Green Village, and  Rotary Club of Masaka . 
  • Mexico - Mayan Villages, Tulum.  Tentatively March 25-31,2018 Partnering with Friends of the Maya. 
  • Nicaragua - May 27-June 3, 2017. (Sat to Sat) (over Memorial Day)  Partnering with  JustHope.   Closed to students.  Physician slots available.                               
  • Nicaragua  July 1-8, 2017 (Sat to Sat)  Partnering with JustHope  Closed to students.  Physician slots available. 

Contact barbara@powerofanickel.org for more information.

Power of a Nickel is a 501-3c non-profit. Typically we are evaluating and treating patients, making referrals to local health facilities if necessary, serving as educational resources, immersing ourselves in the local culture, encouraging local volunteers and more. Teams are made up of licensed physicians, medical students, other healthcare providers, and helpers. We can always find opportunities to put your skills to beneficial work!  If you are interested in applying for a trip, just go to the JOIN A TRIP tab and the drop down menu to "Application".