Founded in 2013, Power of a Nickel came from the global outreach experiences of Dr. Stan and Barbara Grogg. As medical professionals, ready to retire from Oklahoma State University, but far from retirement from the medical profession, they were called to create a nonprofit organization dedicated to reaching the medically needy across the globe. Recognizing that sustainability is an outcome that can be realized only by partnerships with in-country non-government organizations, local communities, and medical professionals, Power of a Nickel aimed for that goal. The short- term global outreach trips continue the relationship building with our partnered communities creating trust, educational opportunities and ultimately sustainability for those being served.

Power of a Nickel does more than give medical care. Health education to students, teachers, parents, local healthcare students, and professionals is a continuing theme with each trip. In addition, an open invitation to dialog with Dr. Grogg, Barbara, and other team members using social media applications enables questions to be answered throughout the year. Ongoing needs assessments can be easily provided, and continuity of care can be realized, even in difficult resource-limited areas.

Teams first traveled to Chacraseca, Nicaragua, then on to Uganda, Vietnam, Belize, India, Guatemala, Ukraine, Greece, Mexico, Peru, and the Philippines. Presently, we return yearly to Cuba, India, Peru, Uganda, and Vietnam.  Over the past nine years, Power of a Nickel has made a profound impact on the lives of countless people across the globe.


Dr. Stan Grogg (pediatrician) and wife, Barbara, (family nurse practitioner) have participated in global outreach programs for many years. After leading medical teams to Nicaragua, Guatemala, Uganda, South Sudan, and participating with teams in Haiti, Dominican Republic, Afghanistan, Cuba, Rwanda, and Mexico, they have seen up close the tremendous needs for healthcare globally. Out of those experiences, The Power of a Nickel, a 501(c)(3) charity was born.