The Power

  • 1 nickel can buy food to feed 10 children porridge, give 5 students pineapple for lunch, and provide milk for 4 children per day
  • 4 Nickels can provide soap for a child for a month
  • 8 nickels can provide a de-worming medicine that will last for 6 months
  • 10 nickels can ensure a child has a multi-vitamin every day for a month

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Support the Work

Your support helps us provide life-saving medications and education to our partners around the globe.

  • $25 will provide antibiotics for pneumonia for 10 elders
  • $50 will provide 3 x-rays to help treat broken bones or a nutritious lunch for 200 student
  • $100 will support a classroom for a year or purchase 100 reading glasses

Global reach

Power of a Nickel facilitates partnerships between the community served and local resources for the betterment of health. Opportunities are furnished to learn about a different culture and global issues encountered.