Heart for Refugees

In this world of noise and turmoil, how far are you willing to walk to find peace? Refugees want to walk away from the chaos of their country at war and begin their journey, walking….

A refugee family leaving Iran, must pay a large sum of money to the smugglers to get to the borders of Iran and Turkey and then pay another large sum of money to get to the borders of Turkey and Greece. You would think for that kind of money they will be traveling first class, but instead many have lost their lives in the Aegean Sea in pursue of peace.

Imagine that you take your husband or wife and your two or three small children on this long journey, you begin to walk…. Not just walk on the cemented streets or highways or even dirt roads, but walk through the forest and mountainous terrain for a whole four days. Your shoes get torn by the rocks and thorns, your feet ripped with open sores. You begin to lighten your burden to make walking easier. The nights are cold and you have no place to hide or rest.

Perhaps you chose to take the other option, of taking a float that fits 15 people to cross the Aegean Sea between Turkey and the closest Greek island, 4.1 nautical miles, to find that the float is now carrying 50 people and you have to leave all your belonging behind. The next 4.1 miles, you are stripped from all hope that you will ever make it alive, fear grips your heart and wonder if there will be peace at the end of this journey, only to find out that their journey has only began.

When the refugees arrive in Athens, whether they walked 4 days or survived the 4.1 miles on the float, they arrive with the clothes on their back, no ID, hurt, vey sick, emotionally and physically depleted. They come to the Voice of Truth with hope to find a chair to sit, a warm place to rest, some used clothes, and a bowl of food. We would like to provide more than just these things, we would like to provide some essentials to make their stay more comfortable: Blankets and towels, a pair of socks and undergarments, pair of slippers and a t-shirt, shampoo and soap, toothpaste and toothbrush, razors and shaving cream, and even some most needed deodorants. What will take to bring a little hope and a big smile to these refugees, walking away from their war-ridden countries, walking toward hope of peace.

Come along with us to provide basic care to those in need....

Dates have been set.  Applications are open.  We will be staying in Athens at the Stanley Hotel.  We will be in a hotel with A/C and wifi.  You are confirmed on the trip when your $206 deposit is received. Maximum of 20 participants. Trip price is $1300.  Price includes intra-country transportation, lodging, breakfasts, lunches, medications and supplies.  The outreach trip will begin on the evening of June 29th and end on July 6.  Of course, you can come earlier and stay later to enjoy this beautiful country. Single supplement is an additional $500.  July 5, cultural activity is a 3 island day cruise. Additional cost of $100 per person for the day cruise to 3 islands includes lunch.  

We will be partnering with Voice of Hope in Athens. This organization has been assisting refugees and others for over 10 years. We will be working in their facility for several clinics as well as some "medical camps"... which are actually large school buildings that have been converted into "living quarters" for the refugees - all in the heart of Athens. We work with refugees from Iran, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Syria,  predominantly. Arabic and Farsi speakers are really valuable.  You do not have to be a healthcare provider to join the trip.  We have lots of important tasks for all skill sets.  

Anticipated Itinerary:

Arrive in Athens on Saturday, June 29 

June 30 - team activities, prepare medicaitons/supplies  .... orientation dinner

July 1, 2,3,4  Clinics

July 5 - Cultural Activity

July 6 - Return to US - or extend your stay as you wish