Beginnings in India

December 2015 saw an initial global outreach trip including a needs assessment in Nagpur, India.  Power of a Nickel was approached by a group of interested people from India including physicians, other healthcare professionals,  and businesspersons.  After several meetings, a decision was made to send a global outreach team to the area in which a clinic was felt to be needed.  This first trip consisted of clinics serving those with little to no access to healthcare due to poverty.  In addition, discussions with a medical school and others regarding ongoing relationships was encouraging.  Fast forward to 2018.  The American Osteopathic Association has continued with relationship building with the medical schools.  The Power of a Nickel continues its mission of serving the underserved with medical care, education, and relationship building.  


  • Build relationships with the community in Nagpur
  • Provide competent, appropriate, medical care to an extremely underserved population
  • Supply much needed medications and supplies during this outreach program
  • To serve as educational resources to the local physicians dentists and healthcare providers
  • Partner with local physicians, dentists, pharmacists, medical students and other healthcare providers to better understand the needs and culturally appropriate care of this population
  • Request referrals to the local healthcare system for services beyond those we are able to provide
  • Offer safe learning environment for medical students, other healthcare personnel, and ancillary team members
  • Allow learning experiences for medical students and other healthcare students
  • Give intensive training of students in the art of medicine - without the use of lab, x-rays, and other technology.  Students are encouraged to use their mind and hands to evaluate and treat patients
  • Furnish opportunities to learn about a different culture and global issues encountered