Below is information about the trips with Power of a Nickel.  After applying for a trip you will be given a security login and password to access the team participant information blog. Apply Now or Login Here. If you are already an approved applicant and need access, request your login by Email.

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Trip Date Overview

November 12-22, 2019  India (New Delhi area)
December 1-8, 2019  Cuba
December 27, 2019-January 6, 2020  Philippines
January 8-16, 2020 Vietnam  Post trip to Cambodia (Angkor Wat) Jan 16-19, 2020
March 14-22, 2020  Uganda
June 2-6, 2020. Moldova
June 6-13, 2020   Greece
June 14-22, 2020  Ukraine

We would like to add back into the schedule, Nicaragua.  However, because the unrest is still quite critical, dates have not been set.