Reaching the Unreached

Uganda has an orphan crisis with over 2.5 million orphans according to UNICEF.  Of that number, 1.2 million are orphaned due to HIV/AIDS.  The remaining 1.3 million are orphaned due to preventable diseases, food security, and poverty.   Dr. Stan and Barbara Grogg have been traveling to Uganda for medical global outreach since 2010. The majority of outreach trips head to the Masaka area.  


  • Continue to build relationships with the Mweurka Village AND St. Lucia School, 
  • Provide competent, appropriate medical care to an extremely underserved population
  • Facilitate educational opportunities for the Mweurka Primary School 
  • Continue relationships with Katwe School 
  • Partner with local physicians, dentists and other healthcare provers to better serve the school and community
  • Partner with local Rotary International Clubs to provide ongoing assistance to the schools and communities served
  • Request referrals for other services provided by the Ugandan medical system
  • Supply much needed medications, vitamins and supplies for the children
  • Offer safe, learning environment for medical students, other healthcare personnel, and ancillary team members
  • Allow learning experiences for medical students and other healthcare students
  • Provide intensive training of students in the art of medicine - without the use of lab, x-rays, and other technology.  Students are encouraged to use their mind and hands to evaluate and treat patients
  • Furnish opportunities to learn about a different culture and global issues encountered